About Specials

It’s called SPECIALS because no two pieces are alike. No matter if it’s porcelain jewelry or clay homeware, each item is handmade out of top quality materials with high precision and care. Every item is unique and special in its own way.



Hey! I’m Emilija Galaburdė the founder of SPECIALS Ceramics. My background is in Design, but since I discovered ceramics as a hobby 6 years ago I instantly fell in love with it. Nowadays, I experiment and work with clay and porcelain every single day and I’m feeling extremely blessed and happy that my creations bring joy to so many people!
I like to switch and mix between porcelain and clay. They are quite different to work with, but no matter which material, crafting is a long process which requires diligence and patience. For me, it’s like meditation and I really believe that positive vibes that are born out of it reflect in each art piece. I find inspiration from everyday beauty which surrounds us. 
Each piece has a special form, glaze, pattern or lustre with its own character. Sometimes you even can’t control them - they just want to be like this - Special.